Writing and acting and traveling all over the place lately…Santiago, Tokyo, New York and Arkansas. Been a lot of fun, but I miss Marcy.


Lots of change for the Harriell clan here at the end of the year what with loading up the truck and moving to Beverly and all (well, a Chevy Trailblazer and Laurel Canyon). After several of years in the City and being granted our official “New Yorker” status, Marcy and I decided that, just to shake things up a bit, we should pack up our lives and drive 3000 miles West…with three cats. It has a been a quite an adventure to say the least.

To all of our friends and family back East, we love and miss you. To all of our friends out here in the West, it is good to be here and we look forward to seeing you all soon.


I have been cast in another light and sunny role as Stan, a wife beating misogynist with a heart of gold. 9 A.M.  is a twisted psychological thriller that is sure to keep you guessing.


It has been a Summer full of re-shoots, pickups and all sorts of post production work on several of the films I have worked on over the past year. FREEZER BURN, THE FINAL EQUATION and NIGHT FALLS FAST are all on the fast track for festival submission in the Fall.


Wrapped NIGHT FALLS FAST last night…what an amazing experience! An incredible crew and cast made this roller coaster a truly wonderful ride. I also had the great fortune to go head to head with seasoned pro Tom Mason whose performance opened my eyes and broke my heart. Keep an eye out for this one and on Director Mark Jackson, who is back with a vengeance.


Cool news…I shot a short film back in October of 2004 directed by Dee Rees called ORANGE BOW. Just found out that it has been selected to screen at the 5th Annual Tribeca Film Festival. The festival starts on April 25th.


On the lighter side…I am set to play crystal meth addict Vale Truman in the Timely Films production of NIGHT FALLS FAST. This short film follows Vale’s descent into addiction as he alienates himself from everyone he loves, putting his strained relationship with his father to the test. It’s Ordinary People meets Requiem For A Dream all wrapped up in 20 minutes. Principal photography begins on the 26th of March on location in Philadelphia and Stroudsburg PA. I am also co-writer on this one with director Mark Jackson.

Working with my buddies up at West Works (!) on a really cool project for The Mohegan Sun. It’s good to work with my hands for a little while before I jump back in front of the camera.


The FREEZER BURN Trailer is here for your viewing pleasure.

december ’05

The short film DANNY LOVES ANGIE starts shooting the 16th on location in Dover, New Hampshire. I play Daniel, a struggling artist whose hopes and dreams slowly unravel the only stable part of his life.

november ’05

We wrapped FREEZER BURN last night after an incredible, intense, fun-filled 29 days. You can view some of the fruits of our labor at the FREEZER BURN gallery.

Shooting is going very well. We are having a blast and laughing a lot, so at least we think we are funny…check out our progress on the FREEZER BURN blog.

october ’05

Principal photography begins on the feature film FREEZER BURN. I am playing Virgil Stamp a scientist developing technology to permanently preserve human organs for transplant. Through his research he accidentally discovers the possibility of freezing a human being to suspend the aging process. Virgil’s only distraction is Emma, a 14-year-old student in his wife’s high school art class. His sanity hangs in the balance as he struggles to suppress his taboo attraction to the girl. Knowing the only obstacle is their age difference, Virgil formulates a plan to freeze himself for 15 years…11 years later, Virgil wakes up.

august ’05

Shooting begins on the short film CALL ME IN THE MORNING. Shooting on location in New York and New Jersey, I take a turn as philosopher Harold Evans who is at his wits end and tries to find salvation on a road trip in search of his mentor.

The trailer for THE ROSE GATHERER is being shot on location on the Lower East Side. I have been reading Proust all Summer long to try and get into the head of Benjamin Peterson, a Proustian scholar who is charmed by a young opera singer. Principal photography for the feature film should begin Spring ’06.

july ’05

Shooting starts on the feature film THE FINAL EQUATION. This is my first foray into the action/adventure genre where I play physicist Jack Smith who, through a series of String equations, begins to realize Einstein’s Dream of a Unified Field Theory. Jack Smith, Action Physicist…yeah baby.